23 Essential Japanese Travel Phrases

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When you will travel Japan, you should know more Japanese travel phrases, because many Japanese people only speak Japanese ( We will discuss later about why Japanese people don’t speak English..) (1)すいません suimasen Excuse me (2)はじめまして hajimemashite Nice to meet you. (3)これはいくらですか? kore wa ikura desuka? How much is it? (4)わたしの名前はマリアです。 watashi no namae wa […]

Ask the way

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Ask somebody the way in Japanese Shibuya is a big city in Tokyo. When you arrive there to meet your Japanese friends at “Hachikoumae“, how you ask somebody the way in Japanese? ハチ公前はどこですか? Hachikoumae wa doko desuka? Where is Hachikoumae? 北口をでてすぐですよ。 Kita guchi wo dete sugu desuyo It’s right in front of the north exit. […]

Go to hospital

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Japanese conversation in hospital   Conversation A: こんにちは。しんさつ を うけたいのですが。 konnichiwa, shinsatsu wo uketai nodesuga. (hello, I would like to see a doctor.) B: こんにちは。どのようなしょうじょうですか? konnichiwa. donoyouna shoujou desuka? (hello, What symptoms do you have?) A: ねつがあります。おなか もいたいです。 netsu ga arimasu. onaka mo itai desu. (I have a fever. I have a stomachache too.) B: ねつはなんどですか? netsu […]

Introducing myself

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わたしのなまえは〜です。   わたしの なまえ は じょん です。 watashi no namae wa John desu. My name is John.   自己紹介(じこしょうかい)means “introducing myself” in Japanese. When you introduce your name, you can use this phrase “私(わたし)の名前(なまえ)は〜です。“. If you understand the grammar “これは〜です。“, you can easily understand it too. “私の名前” is subject and “ジョン” is noun and “です” […]

Ninja’s Daily conversation 1

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 おはよー! ohayoo  さらば! saraba Good morning. Good bye.  ごようですか? goyoudesuka  おつかれ〜 otsukaree  May I help you?  Good bye 料理中(りょうりちゅう) ryourichuu いま山のぼってます ima yama nobottemasu I’m cooking. I’m climbing now. やばい!食べすぎた yabai, tabesugita またね。 matane Yabai! I ate too much! See you. とりあえず、踊ろう? toriaezu odorou? わかった。 wakatta Shall we dance, anyway? Got it.

30 Japanese Phrases in Life

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30 Japanese Phrases in Life Ninja kun is an engineer works in office. He meet a newcomer Mr. Saito in the office. These are 30 Japanese phrases which are used in a day. シナリオ Scenario いってきます Leaving home 通勤(つうきん)Commuting オフィス Office 昼食(ちゅうしょく)Lunch アフター At bar after work 帰宅(きたく) Going home 1. いってきます Leaving home おはようございます。いいてんきですね。 […]

Japanese onomatopeia

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28 Japanese onomatopeia       We use many onomatopeia in Japan. If you hear Japanese native conversation, you may not understand what they are talking because they use onomatopeia a lot especially for causeal conversation.   Feeling ドキドキ dokidoki / excited, worried.. ワクワク wakuwaku / excited イライラ iraira / frustrated ムカムカ mukamuka / irritated […]