ひらがな忍者 エピソード0




部屋はうすぐらくて少し気味が悪いです。奥に本棚があります。そこには古い本がたくさん並んでいます。その中に古い巻物を見つけました! つづく。


Japanese textbook for Nihongo reading. 

Ninja kun lives in Tokyo. He has no father. His father died by car accident when he was a child. So he was raised by mother.

Ninja kun doesn’t know that he is a Ninja and think he is a ordinary person. He is a university student in the city. He has friends and a girl friend. He has enjoyed a campus life.

One day, when he come to home, Ninja kun found that the door of his father’s room opened.  His mother has warned him not to enter father’s room but he did for the first time.

The room is dark and scaring. There is a shelf. There are old books in it. And Ninja kun found an old scroll (makimono)! to be continued…

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