おつかれさまです – Japanese Business Greetings

おつかれさまです – Japanese Business Greetings


otsukare sama desu
Thank you for your hard work
itsumo osewani natteorimasu.
I am very grateful to you.
osakini shitsurei shimasu.
I’ll see you.

“おつかれさまです お疲れ様です Otsukare sama desu” is used when you say hello and good bye (double meaning) formally like in the office. If you use it casually, you can say “Otsukare!” (Less people say “Otsu!” except me…)

“おせわになっております お世話になっております osewani natte orimasu” is polite “Hello” in business. Itsumo=always, osewani natteorimasu=you take care of me.


A: せんぱい、おつかれさまです。おさきにしつれいします。 senpai, otsukare sama desu. osakini shitsurei shimasu.
Hi, I will leave here. I’ll see you.

B: おお、おつかれ。またあした。Oo, otsukare, mata ashita.
Ok, see you tomorrow.

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