Hello, I am Mitsuo Sakamoto. I am an owner of this website HiraganaNinja. I am native Japanese and live in Tokyo. I started this free Japanese learning website to teach Japanese with enjoying the learning (with cute Ninja character). My motto is to make this Japanese learning to many people who learn Japanese anywhere in the world!

Welcome to Japanese learning website “HiraganaNinja”!

HiraganaNinja ひらがな忍者 is a website to learn Japanese with simple tables and drawings.  I made this site for friends overseas to teach Japanese easily. Now I am trying to improve it. I hope you can enjoy Japanese learning.

Ninja-kun is a main character of this website. He is the last Ninja who lives in a modern world… brr brr. Why Ninja? I don’t know. Think as it is like a spice of this site.  LINE stickers for Ninja kun is sold in LINE sticker shops here.



Updates (2019)

I got N1 with perfect score!



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Company      mitsuo
Founded     2013
Business              Japanese learning education / Accessories store
Founder     Mitsuo Sakamoto
Address     162−0807, 1F, Torihata building, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL      03−3235−0226
FAX               03−3235−0286
EMAIL    sakamotometal@gmail.com



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