Direction 上下左右 東西南北



1. Up Down Right Left

上下左右 (じょうげさゆう)  is Kanji word meaning Up-Down-Left-Right. These four Kanjis are the basic ones which Japanese beginners learn first.

上下左右 Up-Down-Left-Right

右右下下上上+パンチ+キック ➡ 必殺技(ひっさつわざ)!


2. East West North South

東西南北 touzainanboku is Japanese kani word to show the direction (東: east, 西: west, 南:south, 北:north). “Northeast” is “北東 hokutou” and “Southwest” is “南西 nansei” in Japanese.




Let’s check how to read each direction.

kanji hiragana kana english
ひがし higashi East
西 にし nishi West
みなみ minami South
きた kita North
北東 ほくとう hokutou Northeast
南東 なんとう nantou Southeast
南西 なんせい nansei Southwest
北西 ほくせい hokusei Northwest


わたしは新宿駅南口 (しんじゅくえきみなみぐち) にいます。

watashi wa shinjukueki minamiguchi ni imasu.

(I am at the south exit of Shinjuku station.)

When you use subway or train in Japan, you often see words like 南口 minamiguchi, 北口 kitaguchi , 東口 higashiguchi…etc. It shows the exit with direction. 北= north and 口=exit. In Japan we sometimes meet friends at the exit of subway, but you need to understand the meaning of 北口 well, or you get lost in the complicated big station and can’t meet him. (We don’t discuss about how the Shinjuku and Shibuya station is big and complicated for you but..)


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