これは A です


kore wa hon desu.
This is a book.

“これはAです” is a basic sentence which means “This is A”. The structure is Subject + Noun + Verb.


[Subject] + [Noun] + です。= [Subject] is [Noun]

[Subject] = [Noun] + は(wa)
  • あれは 山 です。are wa yama desu. / That is a mountain.
  • わたしは 山本 です。watashi wa yamamoto desu. / I am Yamamoto.
  • かれは 先生 です。kare wa sensei desu. / He is a teacher.
  • 木は 茶色 です。ki wa chairo desu. / A tree is brown.

あれ are = that, 山 yama = mountain, わたし watashi = I, かれ kare = he, 先生 sensei = teacher, 木 ki = tree, 茶色 chairo = brown

Why “は” is written “wa”?

“わたしは”, “こんにちは” is pronounced “watashiwa”, “konnichiwa”. “は” is pronounced “ha” basically but why it is “wa” in the cases? It makes us confused and I checked internet. hundreds years ago in japan the letter “は” in the end of the word was pronounced “wa”. This rule is used in modern times.

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