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Ask somebody the way in Japanese

Shibuya is a big city in Tokyo. When you arrive there to meet your Japanese friends at “Hachikoumae“, how you ask somebody the way in Japanese?


Hachikoumae wa doko desuka?
Where is Hachikoumae?
Kita guchi wo dete sugu desuyo
It’s right in front of the north exit.


A wa doko desuka? = Where is A?
A ni ikimasu = I go to A.

Rokuji ni Shibuya ni ikimasu = I go to Shibuya at 6:00.

北口 Kita guchi = The north exit. (Kita-Higashi-Minami-Nishi)

TouzaiNanboku 東西南北


Hachikoumae is a popular meeting spot in Shibuya to meet. If meet friends in Shibuya, please check where it is. Have a nice travel!

Hachikoumae pic
Shibuya Hachikoumae



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